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Cheap CTL Compassion in NuSMV (Artifact)

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posted on 14.10.2019, 19:25 by Daniel HausmannDaniel Hausmann, Matthias Zinner, Christoph Rauch, Tadeusz LitakTadeusz Litak
This artifact is a supplement to the paper "Cheap CTL Compassion in NuSMV" by Daniel Hausmann, Tadeusz Litak, Christoph Rauch and Matthias Zinner. Apart from binaries of our extension to NuSMV (source code available under the link given in the main paper), the contained tools and scripts enable automated execution of the model checking tests described in the paper. Using the content of this artifact, all benchmarking results that we present in the paper can be reproduced, or, in the case of randomized test, results similar to the ones from the paper can be obtained. For the symbolic model checker NuSMV, the tests consist in checking model specifications against CTL formulas that are augmented with Streett fairness objectives. For the parity game solvers PGSolver and Oink, the scripts construct and solve model checking games for equivalent µ-calculus formulas. Additionally, we also feed some of the model checking instances to BDD-based parity game solvers. The benchmarking set includes series of model checking instances for an elevator control system, random Büchi automata, tree-shaped parity and Streett automata and for the Alternating Bit Protocol.