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Cyclus v1.5.0

posted on 23.06.2017, 01:31 by Robert Carlsen, Robert Flanagan, Matthew Gidden, Ryan Hodge, Meghan McGarry, Arrielle Opotowsky, Baptiste Mouginot, Anthony Scopatz, Paul Wilson
Release 1.5.0 of the Cyclus Project:

Cyclus is the next-generation agent-based nuclear fuel cycle simulator, providing flexibility to users and developers through a dynamic resource exchange solver and plug-in, user-developed agent framework.

The goal of Cyclus is to enable a broad spectrum of fuel cycle simulation while providing a low barrier to entry for new users and agent developers. Cyclus engages with potential module developers and encourages them to join a vibrant community in an expanding ecosystem. Users and developers are always welcome and encouraged to use or contribute to the Cyclus project.