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An agent-based model for emotion contagion and competition in online social media

posted on 20.12.2017, 04:29 by Jichang Zhao
Code and demo datasets of the agent-based emotion contagion model.

Input parameters:
weighted directed network path
simulation result path
param path

parameters example:
data/weighted_graph.txt results/simulation.txt params.conf

There are 3 input parameters, including the graph path, result path and the params path.
"params.conf" shows an example of params file. There are 16 params in total:
Rand: A boolean value. If it is true, users will have random screen size. default: false
PN: The probability of publishing new tweet (If PNPath is empty)
PNPath: The probability of publishing new tweets for users
PNMoodPath: The ratio of four emotions for users
screenSize: default screen size
MAX_STEP: the maximum simulation steps
angerRatio, disgustRatio, joyfulRatio, sadnessRatio: the proportions of newly posted four emotion
angerCorr, disgustCorr, joyfulCorr, sadnessCorr: the correlation of the four emotions and the retweet threshold.