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Frequency distribution of herbal and antipsychotic concomitant treatment regimens associated with adverse outcome in schizophrenic patients.

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posted on 20.02.2013 by Zhang-Jin Zhang, Qing-Rong Tan, Yao Tong, Xue-Yi Wang, Huai-Hai Wang, Lai-Ming Ho, Hei Kiu Wong, Yi-Bin Feng, Di Wang, Roger Ng, Grainne M. McAlonan, Chuan-Yue Wang, Vivian Taam Wong

a. These antipsychotic regimens are significantly associated with adverse outcome as shown in Table 4.

b. It is noted that all quetiapine-including treatment regimens are quetiapine monotherapy.

c. Other herbal material-including regimens were not counted in subtotal regimens associated with adverse outcomes.