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Security and Society in the Information Age. Volume 2

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posted on 2020-01-30, 07:43 authored by Paulina PiaseckaPaulina Piasecka, Katarzyna Maniszewska
The publication is a second volume in the "Security and Society in the Information Age Series" and is composed of papers written by American students – participants in the Summer School Program “Security and Society in the Information Age” in Collegium Civitas, and by experts cooperating with the Terrorism Research Center at Collegium Civitas University in Warsaw, Poland.

Andrew Holub (Oakland University) worked on “An introduction to human evolved psychology and political violence: Implications for future directions in research and practice”; Meghan Lovett (University of Texas, Austin) analyzed the “Growing Threat of the Alt-Right”; Gar Lovejoy (University of Pittsburgh) looked “Inside the Dark Web”; Alex Thompson (Miami University) focused on the “Increasing Use of Post-Truth and Fake News in Political Discourse”; Kayla Ritchie (The University of Tennessee) posed the question “How Social Constructions are utilized in the Securitization of Migration”; Mara Royse (University of Texas, Austin) analyzed a case study on “Cultivating Children for War”; Brendon Fujisawa (California State University, Fresno) examined whether there is an “Effect of Rodrigo Duterte’s Policies on the Rise of Terror”; Albert James Contreras (University of Texas, El Paso) investigated the issue of the “Return of European Foreign fighters from Iraq and Syria”; Mason Connor Shuya (University of Texas, El Paso) analyzed the topic of “Mobilizing the Population in Reaction to Russian Aggression”; Seth Kraman (Miami University) examined the “Guidance Required for Protections of Cyber Participation in Hostilities Under International Humanitarian Law”; and Eric Nesbitt (Michigan State University) looked at “The Scope of Cryptocurrency in the Information Age”.