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Security and Society in the Information Age

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posted on 2018-12-14, 14:27 authored by Paulina PiaseckaPaulina Piasecka, Katarzyna Maniszewska
The main thematic focus of the "Security and Society in the Information Age" publication is the changing paradigm in security. The authors looked among others such issues as cybersecurity and information security, propaganda, the prevention of mass shootings and active shooter situations through education and awareness programs, radicalization and recruitment to terrorist organizations, the role of the mass media in shaping public opinion on terrorism, the condition of democracy in the age of fake news, the evolution of modern terrorism.
The publication is composed of papers written by American students – participants in the Summer School Program “Security and Society in the Information Age” in Collegium Civitas, and by experts cooperating with the Terrorism Research Center at Collegium Civitas University in Warsaw, Poland.