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Racisme i supremacisme polítics a l'Espanya contemporània

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posted on 14.10.2021, 16:00 by Eduard Llaudó AvilaEduard Llaudó Avila
Assay about racism in the Spanish society in firsts decades of s. XX, before and along the spanish civil war, and the influence on spanish fascism, as well as other related subjects.

After an introduction about State nationalism, the book focuses two subjects:
- To try to describe the racial prejudices in Spain, based in a search into the newspapers of first decades of the twentieth century.
-To check the role of eugenic and racist theories(handlet by scientifics as Vallejo Najera, Lopez Ibor, Misael Bañuelos, etc., as well the nazi influence), in the fascism of Francisco Franco and other rebel military state.

This intellectual journey is sublimated in the Spanish civil war, during which the rebel spokesman Gonzalo de Aguilera, in 1937 told the English correspondent Virgina Cowles: "Now I hope that you understand what we understand by the regeneration of Spain ... Our program consists of exterminating a third of the Spanish male population ... ". Also can be mentioned an interview published in an Italian newspaper in which Franco describes that the war was aimed at "saving the homeland that was sinking into the sea of dissociation and racial degeneration."


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