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Protei_006 Handbook, Open Source Sailing Drone

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posted on 2019-11-30, 06:27 authored by Cesar Jung-HaradaCesar Jung-Harada, Qiuyang Zhou, Sebastian Müllauer, François De La Taste, Logan P Williams, Gabriella Levine, Piem Wirtz, Roberto J. Meléndez, Peter Keen, Etienne Gernez, Fiona Crabbie, Shah Selbe
"Protei" is the denomination of a shape-shifting hull technology. This document focused on Protei_006, the prototype for a potential fleet of low-cost, DIY, semi-autonomous data and pollution collecting sailing robots.

As well as providing background information about the project, this handbook includes an instructional section. This section is divided into the mechanical fabrication and the electrical design, as the Protei team was divided into these sections in building this prototype. However, the mechanical and the electrical elements should be developed in parallel, as they are closely linked.

Each section is divided into subsections corresponding to specific structural elements, for example, the sail, the winch, the cable system, and the GPS. For each element, there is overview information, specific information on its construction, and troubleshooting tips.


V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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