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Nokia Rescue Booklet New Nokia Manuscript abstract Risku Juhani 2011

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posted on 2019-08-27, 16:00 authored by Juhani RiskuJuhani Risku
This booklet is a guide for owners, investors, analysts and journalists what Nokia should do to survive on the palindrome day 11th of February 2011.

This is an open source strategy to plan the next steps for Nokia Mobile Phones not to be sold for Microsoft.

The palindrome day, 11th of February 2011, was an unfortunate day for Nokia, the Finnish giant of mobile communication. Two strategies were presented, the Elop strategy and the Risku strategy. Elop strategy destroyed Nokia, Risku strategy tried to save Nokia with numerous new actions and innovations.

This booklet is the Risku strategy. It shows how Nokia would have survived and be upgraded to a media and technology company.

There is a day, when this paper is needed in the Nokiazation of next losers. The signs of regressive actions reveal that Apple takes the Nokia way, just because the master, leader, innovator and friendly whipper went away. Samsung needs help, as well as Sony. Media houses and telecom carriers are in trouble.

We are going to witness laziness, cowardice and Peter Principle in corporations.

Juhani Risku, 11th October 2013, Lapland Finland


Differ Books, Ivalo Lapland Finland


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