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Manual of Clinical Pathology in Salmonid

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posted on 2021-05-30, 23:40 authored by Marco RozasMarco Rozas
Veterinary clinical pathology is a specialization of veterinary medicine that is dedicated to diagnostic support using laboratory tests on the blood and other body fluids of animals, including fish, providing necessary tools for decision-making in the diagnostic plan, treatment, control and prognosis of the population of animals being farmed. In this way, clinical laboratory tests are a fundamental tool in aquatic animal medicine, since they support both the diagnosis and the prognosis of farmed fish and their treatment. The objective of this Manual is to contribute to the knowledge, identification and interpretation of the most widely used clinical laboratory tests in salmon farming and to support the clinical diagnosis of our colleagues who daily develop their profession in aquatic animal medicine. In addition to the theoretical and practical content, this Manual describes the reference intervals of indicators of hematology, clinical biochemistry, blood gasometry and hormones for farmed salmonids, contributing to the development and transfer of an important public asset for the industry in general and for veterinarians in particular.


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