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Kyrgyzstan’s Food Composition Table

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posted on 2022-07-06, 09:03 authored by Jamila SmanalievaJamila Smanalieva, Janyl Iskakova, Mukarama Musulmanova, Anna Giertlova

This is the first edition of Kyrgyzstan's Food Composition Table. This edition includes 41 foods and their basic components, such as water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and ash. The remaining components are included depending on data availability. Particular attention was paid to the inclusion of data on food products of ethnic groups, as well as on wild fruits and berries growing in Kyrgyzstan. The documented foods included 2 cereal and cereal products, 2 vegetables and vegetable products, 21 fruits and fruit products, 2 nuts, seeds, and products from them, 2 meat and meat products, 6 milk  and dairy products, 3 fats and oils, 2 beverages and 1 miscellaneous food. The edition also includes calculated compositional data for eleven traditional Kyrgyz  dishes based on their recipes.  


The development of a national Kyrgyz food composition database was funded by the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic.