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Global Determinants of the International Movement of Production Factors: Economic-legal and Institutional Context

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posted on 2020-08-04, 08:20 authored by Tetiana Melnyk, Kudyrko Liudmyla, Onischenko Volodymy, Konrad Yuliia, Samsonova Liliia, Losheniuk Oksana, Kalyuzhna Nataliia, Tetyana Lositska, Storozhchuk Volodymyr, Vorobey Yuliia, Kasianok Kyrylo, Puhachevska Кateryna, Melnyk Yurii, Bakalinska Olha

Scientific research is devoted to current problems of the influence of globalization on changes in the international movement of production factors in the 21st century. Considerable attention is focused on the economic, legal and institutional aspects of the transformation of the international movement of capital and labor in modern conditions, taking into account the need to apply an integrated interdisciplinary approach to identify new phenomena and processes that occur in the global economic environment The state and trends of development in the organization of global production, investment and marketing in the context of destabilizing phenomena in the global economy, the strengthening of non-protectionist appeals in the world avant-garde countries to return production to the national territory and the exacerbation of social and economic problems caused by international migration are revealed.

The authors are looking for answers to difficult questions about the opportunities for small open economies to be attracted to global value chains through the format of investment and contractual relations, to increase the level of localization of international and national production through import substitution, to optimize the taxation of entrepreneurial activities in a liberalized international capital transfer, transform the national regulatory policy as a mechanism that ensures the possibility of taking into account the imperatives of globalization and contributes to the protection of national economic interests, ensure the development of fair competition as a prerequisite for the country’s integration into world economic processes.