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Encyclopedia of Public Administration

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posted on 15.11.2020, 20:53 by Jolanta Itrich-DrabarekJolanta Itrich-Drabarek
The encyclopedia emphasizes the social dimension of public administration formed in response to community-based relations between people within the framework of society, seen as the widest form of a community. This comprehensive community is characterized by a relative distinctiveness within the frame of institutionalized territorial social relations, which emerged as the result of the division of needs and tasks into those attended to in the individual and community-based mode and the appearance of needs and tasks rising from the individual – group relation in response to the formation of the private and public domain. The encyclopedia summarizes the different ways of defi ning public administration and shows elements common to all descriptions, which are designated by tasks, activity and the position of the state; the law establishing the system, functions, tasks, competences and procedures for the operation of administration; the organization of society. In this publication the reader will fi nd content regarding the basic administration models, areas of differentiation and unifi cation, functions, modes of operation, competencies and institutional solutions in state administration, including government administration (at the central and territorial level and local government administration in municipalities, counties and voivodships. He will also fi nd information regarding the specifi city of administration in large cities.


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