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Communication for the Intensive Care Specialist : Planning for effective, efficient and compassionate interactions

posted on 2008-01-01, 00:00 authored by Sharyn MilnesSharyn Milnes, C F Corke
Communication skills are an essential skill for all doctors, particularly those working in Intensive Care where emotions often run high and ethical issues are particularly complex.

In the past the teaching of communication skills has often been limited to watching more experienced doctors colleagues speaking to families. Sometimes this role model has been outstanding - but not always, and poor communicators will not be able to convey the necessary skills and techniques to their junior colleagues. This leaves a serious gap in training.

Where formal teaching has been offered in the past this has often been limited to techniques for communication of bad news or the steps required to obtain consent for organ donation. Specific negotiation and mediation skills, such as those needed to resolve serious issues and disagreements have rarely been taught.

‘Communication for the Intensive Care Specialist’ seeks to outline important communication skills and to explain the major ethical principles which underpin ICU practice. Information is presented in a concise manner based on ICU scenarios (some of which have featured in previous JFICM final examinations).

Since it is important to anticipate and to be prepared for the issues which might arise, a synopsis of the important points in each scenario is also presented. To assist candidates some suggestions for things that they might say areincluded, along with examples of words or phrases that should not be expressed.

While this book is specifically designed to assist JFICM trainees the principles will be helpful to all junior doctors and the scenarios will resonate with any doctor working in daily clinical practice.



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