<i>skn-1</i> co-regulates gene expression with <i>atf-7</i> and <i>elt-2</i>.

<p><i>A-C</i>, Gene expression (log scale) in wildtype or <i>atf-7(qd22qd130)</i> animals fed with designated RNAi’s during development. Averages ± SDs for two independent experiments (or three, in C), with *p<0.05 and **p<0.0005 (t-test) for differences between groups joined by line (A), or between marked groups and their respective references (B). <i>A</i>, basal expression following development knock-down, with values and statistics relative to values in wt;EV, not shown. <i>B</i>, similar RNAi treatments as in A, followed by exposure to <i>P</i>. <i>aeruginosa</i> (PA). Responses to PA are shown as fold over basal expression in similarly-treated worms grown on <i>E</i>. <i>coli</i> (EC). <i>C</i>, basal expression following development knock-down; note effective induction of T24B8.5, <i>clec-85</i> and <i>clec-186</i> by vhp-1 RNAi in the context of a double knock-down. <i>D</i>, Survival curves for <i>atf-7(qd22qd130)</i> animals fed with designated RNAi’s during development, followed by infection; averages ± SDs for three plates (N = 83–90 per group).</p>