<i>scl1</i> and <i>lmo2</i> act downstream of <i>hoxd4a</i> to direct formation of the hemangioblast.

<p>All images are of <i>hoxd4a</i> morphants at 13 hpf. <i>In situ</i> hybridization was performed to detect expression of <i>scl1</i> and <i>lmo2</i> (A–D), <i>gata1</i> and <i>hbbe1</i> (E–H) and <i>fli1</i> and <i>flk1</i> (I–L). To test for rescue of gene expression, embryos were co-injected with capped mRNA for either <i>scl1</i> or <i>fli1</i> as indicated on the left. Ratios indicate the fraction of embryos showing the presented phenotype. Scale bars equal 100 µm.</p>