miR-34a induces cell cycle arrest and inhibits tumorigenesis in proneural GBM cells.

<p><b>A</b>) 48 hours post-transfection, proneural TS543 were pulsed with BrdU and assayed for cell cycle distribution and <b>B</b>) apoptosis by Annexin V flow cytometry. Staurosporine was added as positive control. <b>C</b>) <i>Ex vivo</i>-transfected TS453 cells stably expressing a luciferase reporter plasmid were xenografted into the brains of ICR scid mice and tumor formation and growth was followed over 11 days. Error bars represent standard deviation within a single experimental set containing multiple replicates. Similar results were obtained in at least 3 independent experiments. *, P<0.05. **, P<0.005.</p>