(R)-panaxadiol by whole cells of filamentous fungus Absidia coerulea AS 3.3382

The microbial transformation of 20(R)-panaxadiol (PD) by the fungus Absidia coerulea AS 3.3382 afforded three new and three known metabolites. The structures of the metabolites were characterized as 3-oxo-20(R)-panaxadiol (1), 3-oxo-7β- hydroxyl-20(R)-panaxadiol (2), 3-oxo-22β-hydroxyl-20(R)-panaxadiol (3), 3-oxo- 7β,22β-dihydroxyl-20(R)-panaxadiol (4), 3-oxo-7β,24β-dihydroxyl-20(R)-panaxadiol (5), and 3-oxo-7β,24α-dihydroxyl-20(R)-panaxadiol (6). Among them, 2-4 were new compounds. In addition, compounds 3 and 4 exhibited significant anti-hepatic fibrosis activity.