<i>LINE-1</i> and inflammatory gene methylation levels are early biomarkers of metabolic changes: association with adiposity

<p>We analyzed whether global and inflammatory genes methylation can be early predictors of metabolic changes and their associations with the diet, in a cross-sectional study (<i>n</i> = 40). Higher global methylation was associated to adiposity, insulin resistance, and lower quality of the diet. Methylation of <i>IL-6, SERPINE1</i> and <i>CRP</i> genes was related to adiposity traits and macronutrients intake. <i>SERPINE1</i> hypermethylation was also related to some metabolic alterations. <i>CRP</i> methylation was a better predictor of insulin resistance than CRP plasma concentrations. Global and inflammatory gene promoter hypermethylation can be good early biomarkers of adiposity and metabolic changes and are associated to the quality of the diet.</p>