B. bronchiseptica LapG cleaves P. fluorescens LapA and B. bronchiseptica BrtA.

(A) Cleavage of LapA-HA from the surface of P. fluorescens cells with B. bronchiseptica LapG. Western blot with anti-HA antibodies were used to detect LapA-HA of P. fluorescens released into the supernatant fraction for each indicated strain. (B) Cleavage of N-terminal fragment of BrtA by B. bronchiseptica LapG in vitro. Samples correspond to reaction mixture of E. coli lysate expressing indicated protein or empty vector with E. coli lysate expressing the N-terminus of BrtA (N-term BrtA) incubated at room temperature for 1h. Western blot with anti-HA antibodies was used to detect N-term BrtA.