<i>ALP1</i> is widely expressed and its protein product is nuclear-localised.

<p>(A) Complementation assay in <i>clf-50 alp1-4</i> background. The <i>pALP1</i>::<i>ALP1-GFP</i> transgene fully complements <i>alp1-4</i> and restores the clf phenotype, whereas <i>pALP1</i>::<i>ALP1-GUS</i> gives weaker complementation so that plants retain a partially suppressed clf phenotype. (B-G) Histochemical staining showing <i>pALP1</i>::<i>ALP1-GUS</i> activity in rosettes (B), leaves (C), roots (D) and inflorescences (E). (F–G) <i>pALP1</i>::<i>ALP1-GFP</i> is nuclear localised in roots (G), whereas a control <i>35S</i>:<i>GFP</i> construct shows more diffuse localisation in cytoplasm and nucleus (F). Scale bars are 1cm in A, 1mm in B-E and 20μm in F,G.</p>