Whole-mount confocal microscopy of AgAQP1 localization in the larval and adult female alimentary canals.

<p>This figure shows two montages of maximum projection images of dissected alimentary canals from larval (<i>A</i>) and adult (<i>B</i>) <i>Anopheles gambiae</i>. Each panel shows TRITC immunofluorescence (red) for AgAQP1 localization (upper figure of each panel) and a merged image with DAPI staining of nuclear DNA (lower figure in each panel). Anterior is to the right. Prominent staining for AgAQP1 in the larval gut (panel <i>A</i>) is evident in the cells of the Cardia (labeled C), the Gastric Caecae (GC) the midgut Transitional Zone (TZ) the proximal Principal Cells of the Malpighian Tubules (PC) and the Stellate Cells (SC) of the Malpighian Tubules. In panel B, the adult alimentary canal shows areas of prominent staining in the Foregut (FG), Midgut (MG), proximal Principal Cells (PC) and Stellate Cells (SC) of the Malpighian tubules, Hindgut (HG) and the Rectal Pads (RP).</p>