Values of parameters used in simulations.

<p>Data were obtained either from our own measurements in MIO-M1 cells or from literature, as follows: i- V<sub>cell</sub> and A<sub>c</sub> in isotonic conditions were estimated from confocal images as previously reported <a href="" target="_blank">[43]</a>; ii- P<sub>f</sub> was obtained from the measured cell volume changes during a hypoosmotic challenge using a modification of the Fick’s law <a href="" target="_blank">[20]</a>; iii- V<sub>m</sub> corresponds to the value recorded using sharp electrode patch clamp technique by Limb et al <a href="" target="_blank">[19]</a>; iv- intracellular Na<sup>+</sup>, K<sup>+</sup> and Cl<sup>−</sup> concentration are the typical values for most cell types; v- extracellular Na<sup>+</sup>, K<sup>+</sup> and Cl<sup>−</sup> concentrations are the same as in experimental solutions; vi- ion permeabilities were chosen in order to obtain the V<sub>m</sub> value of MIO-M1 cells; vii- the initial parameters presented for the Mannitol condition were obtained by simulating an extracellular solution change, from ISO<sub>NaCl</sub> to ISO<sub>Mannitol</sub> (see Materials and Methods section).</p>