Updated flagellar transciption network and localization of dual-regulated targets.

(A) The transcription network map has been updated to accurately depict dual-regulated targets and to incorporated novel regulon members. Ovals at top left represent positive (green) and negative (red) regulation of flhDC transcription. Blue arrows indicate translation of gene products. Purple ovals represent FlhDC and purple arrows indicate FlhDC regulatory interactions. Green cresents represent FliA and green arrows represent FliA regulatory interactions. Dotted arrows indicate potential regulation of genes associated with binding sites but without detectable regulation in this study. Target genes/operons are boxed according to their regulatory input: FlhDC only (green), FliA only (green), and dual FlhDC and FliA (orange). (B) Localization and function of flagellar gene products, color-coded by regulatory input as described for panel B. Gene products not physically associated with the flagellum are omitted.