Universal distribution laws of behavioral organization.

Cumulative distributions of resting and active period durations of locomotor activity in healthy humans and wild-type (WT) mice. (a) Cumulative distributions P(xa) of resting period durations a for human adolescents (closed triangles), adults (open circles) [3], and WT mice (filled diamonds). The error bars indicate the standard error of the mean. (b) The same as (a), but for active period durations. (c) Group averaged rescaled cumulative distributions of (a). The straight line is an eye-guide with the overall adult mean scaling exponents as the slope. Note that the plots are shifted along the vertical axis to take the same value at for the purpose of illustration. (d) The same as (c), but for active period durations. The solid curve is a stretched exponential function with the overall mean of values; and .



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