Ultramorphology of glomeruli in wild-type and deficient mice.

<p>Scanning electron microscopy of kidney from wild-type mice showed normal morphology as depicted in panel A. In the renal glomeruli the Bowman's capsule (BC), glomerular basement membrane (GBM), endothelial cell capillaries (C), erythrocytes (E), podocytes (P) and urinary space (US) were identified. Panel B shows a glomerulus from an <i>Adamts13<sup>−/−</sup></i> mouse demonstrating thickened and irregular capillary walls (arrow). These findings were enlarged in panel C from another glomerulus from an <i>Adamts13<sup>+/+</sup></i> mouse showing thin glomerular capillary walls (arrow heads) and in panel D from an <i>Adamts13<sup>−/−</sup></i> mouse showing thickened capillary walls (arrows) with deposits on the vessel lumina. Panel E demonstrates lack of platelet deposits in glomerular capillaries from an <i>Adamts13<sup>+/+</sup></i>mouse, further confirmed by immunoelectron microscopy (insets). Panel F was taken from another glomerulus in an <i>Adamts13<sup>−/−</sup></i> mouse and shows platelets (within circles) deposited on a vessel wall. Insets in panel F show immunoelectron microscopy with labeled platelets (arrows) deposited on glomerular capillary walls. Scale bar represents 10 µm (A, B), 5 µm (C–F) and 2.5 µm (insets in E, F). Panels A, B, D–F and insets were from mice with the 129X1/SvJ and C57BL/6 genetic background and panel C was from mice with the C57BL/6J and CAST/Ei genetic background.</p>