UR domains are specific to TGCs.

A. TGCs in relationship to other embryonic and maternal tissues at embryonic day 9.5. Left: schematic of e9.5 conceptus. Yellow: parietal TGCs; gray: other embryonic/extraembryonic tissue; pink: maternal decidua. Right: confocal images of TGCs and embryonic cells (somites) stained for DAPI (blue) to show nuclear size. Scale bar = 75 µm. B. Location and reproducibility of UR domains on the autosomes of e9.5 TGCs. Summary of results from both biological replicates of e9.5 TGC vs. embryo aCGH (FDR = 0.0001). Darker green/longer bars (asterisks) indicate UR domains present in both replicates. C. UR domains are specific to TGCs. Plot comparing position along chromosome 14, a representative chromosome, to the normalized log 2 ratio (NLog2 Ratio) of array intensity of test vs. control. Red: e9.5 TGC vs. embryo; purple: placenta vs. embryo; blue: megakaryocyte vs. embryo. Two biological replicates are plotted for each cell type. Dashed line: FDR = 0.0001. All autosomes shown in Figure S2.