UBQLN1 promotes ubiquitin, p62, and LC3 recruitment to Mtb.

(A-C) BMDMs transfected with siRNA targeting UBQLN1 or control siRNA. Images show IFN-γ treated macrophages infected with GFP-Mtb (A-B) or DsRed-Mtb (C) for 24h. Cells were immunostained for ubiquitin (Ub) with the FK2 antibody (A) or p62 (B), which are shown in red. (C) GFP-LC3 BMDMs were infected with DsRed-Mtb. LC3 is shown in green, whereas Mtb are red. (A-C) Quantification shows the percentage of Mtb that colocalized with the indicated cellular marker in macrophages that were treated with IFN-γ as indicated. Results are mean +/- SEM from two independent experiments, with at least 100 bacteria analyzed per experiment. ***P<0.001, Fisher’s exact test (in which the proportion of Mtb associated with the cellular marker in a given condition was compared to the proportion found in the sample treated with siCON and IFN-γ).