UBQLN1 acts in parallel to parkin.

<p>(A) WT and <i>Park2</i><sup>-/-</sup> BMDMs were pretreated with IFN-<b>γ</b>, infected with GFP-Mtb for 24h, and immunostained with the FK2 antibody. Bacterial colocalization with FK2 immunoreactivity was quantified from 2 independent experiments. (B) <i>Park2</i><sup><i>-/-</i></sup> BMDMs pretreated or not treated with IFN-<b>γ</b> were infected with GFP-Mtb for 24h and immunostained with UBQLN1 specific antibody; Arrows indicate Mtb co-localized with UBQLN1. ns- not significant. (C) <i>Park2</i><sup><i>-/-</i></sup> BMDMs were transfected with siRNA targeting UBQLN1 or control siRNA 3d prior to infection, treated with IFN-<b>γ,</b> and infected with GFP-Mtb for 24h prior to immunostaining for ubiquitin (FK2 antibody). Ubiquitin (FK2+) bacteria were quantified from two independent experiments. (A, C) **<i>P</i><0.01, Fisher’s exact test (comparing the proportion of FK2 positive bacteria in indicated samples). Results are mean +/- SEM. A minimum of 100 Mtb were counted in each experiment.</p>