Treatment with manganese does not protect CD-1 mice from (A) Stx1-S or (B) Stx2a.

<p><b>Top panels</b>, survival curves from mice treated with Water, MnCl<sub>2</sub>, Stx+Water, or Stx+MnCl<sub>2</sub> (Water, MnCl<sub>2</sub>, Stx1-S+Water, Stx1-S+MnCl<sub>2</sub>: n = 4 per group; Stx2a+Water, Stx2a+MnCl<sub>2</sub>: n = 6 per group). <b>Bottom panels</b>, average percentage weight change at 48 hours post challenge. Two-tailed Student’s <i>t</i> test was used to assess statistical significance (n.s. no statistical significance, ** <i>P</i><0.005, *** <i>P</i><0.0005).</p>