Top genome-wide significant SNPs associated with bone mineral density of the total-body less head, lower limb, upper limb and skull.

<p>(TBLH-BMD) = total-body less head BMD, (LL-BMD) = lower limb BMD, (UL-BMD) = upper limb BMD, (SK-BMD) = skull BMD, (GENE) = closest gene, (POS) = position in the genome based on hg18, (EAF) = effect allele frequency, (<i>β</i>) = estimates of effect size expressed as adjusted SD per copy of the effect allele (EA), (SE) = standard error of <i>β</i>, (<i>P</i>) = pvalue, (I<sup>2</sup>) = Cochran's Q statistic evaluating heterogeneity, (<i>P</i><sub>HET</sub>) = evidence of heterogeneity and</p><p>*Sample sizes used for SK-BMD genome-wide meta-analysis.</p><p>**Please note that <i>PTHLH</i> is also located at the 12p11.22 locus containing <i>KLHDC5, RSPO3</i> is also located at the 6q.22.32 locus containing <i>CENPW, FAM3C and CPED1</i> are also located at the 7q.31.31 locus containing <i>WNT16</i>, <i>TNFRSF11B</i> is also located at the 8q.24.12 locus containing <i>COLEC10, LGR4</i> is also located at the 11p14.1 locus containing <i>LIN7C</i> and <i>LRP5</i> is also located at the 11q13.2 locus containing <i>PPP6R3</i>.</p>