Thrombosis in vascular after reperfusion detected by HE-staining.

<p>(<b>A</b>) Stereomicroscopic imaging of brain was performed after 1 to 3 hours after reperfusion. No blood clotting was detected in the Circus Willis in successfully reperfused mice (<b>a</b>, <b>c</b>) while blood clotting was clearly detected in MCA, ACA and ICA territory in heparin-free mice with failed reperfusion (<b>b</b>, <b>d</b>). Arrowheads indicate thrombus in the MCA, ACA and ICA. (<b>B</b>) Schematic diagram of paraffin section indicating the location of ACA, MCA and ICA. (<b>C</b>) HE-staining shows the cross-sections of ICA (<b>a</b>), MCA (<b>b</b>) and ACA (<b>c</b>) in successfully reperfused mice with no thrombus in the lumen after reperfusion. In contrast, the cross-sections of ICA (<b>d</b>), MCA (<b>e</b>) and ACA (<b>f</b>) in mice with failed reperfusion have mixed thrombus in the lumen after suture withdrawal. Bar= 100 µm. ACA: anterior cerebral artery, ICA: internal carotid artery, MCA: middle cerebral artery.</p>




CC BY 4.0