The xylose reductase and xylitol dehydrogenase genes from <i>S. stipitis</i> complement <i>C. albicans</i> deletion mutants of the equivalent genes.

<p>(A) <i>S. stipitis </i><i>XYL1</i> (CDH120), and (B) <i>S. stipitis </i><i>XYL2</i> (CDH116) complement the <i>C. albicans </i><i>gre3</i> and <i>xyl2</i> deletion mutants respectively. (C) The <i>S. stipitis </i><i>XYL1-XYL2</i> module (CA242) complements the <i>C. albicans </i><i>gre3 </i><i>xyl2</i> double deletion mutant. Strains were grown aerobically at 30°C in SC with 2% xylose (SX) or 2% xylitol (ST). The optical density was measured over a period of up to 14 days, n=3.</p>