The xylose isomerase gene <i>XYLA</i> from <i>Piromyces</i><i>sp.</i> complements a double <i>gre3/xyl2</i> deletion or single <i>gre3</i> deletion in <i>C. albicans</i>.

<p>Growth analysis in synthetic medium (SC) with 2% xylose as the sole carbon source for <i>C. albicans</i> strains: <i>gre3-9</i> (<i>gre3</i> deletion), <i>gre3/xyl2-3</i> (<i>gre3 </i><i>xyl2</i> double deletion), CDH128 (<i>gre3/xyl2-3</i> with the integrated <i>Pir</i>.<i>XYLA</i>) and CDH140 (<i>gre3-9</i> with the integrated <i>Pir</i>. <i>XYLA</i>). The optical density was measured over a period of 6 days, n=3. </p>