The top 100 SNPs associated with schizophrenia.

<p>Displayed are: (1) rs# for the top 100 SNPs; (2) combined <i>p</i> value in Munich and Aberdeen discovery cohorts; (3) <i>p</i> value in the second independent cohort; (4) Combined <i>p</i> value in discovery and replication cohorts using Stouffer's method <a href="" target="_blank">[60]</a>; (5) odds ratio; (6) minor allele frequency in patients; (7) minor allele frequency in controls; (8) chromosome; (9) chromosomal position; (10) a description of the relative position of the SNP in the closest gene; (11) major and minor alleles; (12) the symbol of the closest gene; and (13) distance to the closest gene.</p>




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