The peripheral Sec63 ER is not disorganized during mitosis.

<p><b>A.</b> Nuclear division in a tip-distant region of a cell coexpressing Sec63-GFP and HhoA-mCherry (‘green’ and ‘red’ channels displayed in inverted greyscale). Time is indicated in min:sec. Whenever possible, the position of the intact NEs of the dividing nuclei is indicated with arrows. <b>B.</b> The peripheral ER does not undergo disorganization during mitosis. The top greyscale image is a kymograph displaying growth of the hyphal tip cell shown below. The kymograph was traced as schematized on the right. The series of images displayed below the kymograph (<a href="" target="_blank">Video S3</a> should be consulted) show that the peripheral ER does not undergo rearrangements during mitosis.</p>