The induction of apoptosis by IPA-3.

(A) Annexin V-7ADD staining assay. The fluorescence signals of annexin V-PE and 7-AAD were detected with PE-A and Per-Cy5-5-A channels, respectively (upper panel). The percentage of H2M cells stained with annexin V-PE only under different treatments was shown in a bar chart (lower panel). *P<0.001 (ANOVA) compared with the DMSO control. (B) Serum-starved H2M cells were treated with increasing dosages of IPA-3 together with serum replenishment for 24 hours. Western blotting analysis of PARP1, P-PAK1 (T423), total PAK1 and cleaved caspase 3 was performed.



CC BY 4.0