The generation of BaFiso cell lines.

Ba/F3 cells were transduced with retroviral supernatant carrying pBabePuro-EYFP or pBabePuro-ECFP. Cell clones were established and sorted in a fluorescence activated cell sorter (FACS) to generate lines homogeneously expressing the corresponding fluorescent tags. (A) and (C), viable Ba/F3 cells show robust and homogeneous expression of the respective fluorescent protein. (B) and (D), corresponding light field views. (E), Generation of stable BaFiso cell lines. Clonal Ba/F3 cells stably expressing EYFP (BY) or ECFP (BC) were used to generate stable BaFiso cell lines that co-express yellow fluorescence and myr-Akt (BYA), or cyan fluorescence and STAT5A1*6 (BCS). Cell clones were established and analyzed. (F), Analysis of transgene expression and downstream activation of the corresponding signaling pathways by western blotting. Antibodies against total Akt, Stat5a, Flag phospho-Akt (Ser473), phospho-p70 S6 (Thr389) and Pim-1 were used and the signals normalized to the respective α-tubulin levels.



CC BY 4.0