The effects of overnight shipping on PBMC yield and survival.

The cell number of blood derived PBMC was determined based on Trypan blue exclusion. A) Blood was collected in S-Monovette (Sarsted) or K2E Vacutainer (BD) tubes from 4 donors on site or at another location. Shipped samples were transported in the collection tube. PBMC yield was calculated per volume (106 living PBMC/ml blood). B) Yield (106 living PBMC/ml blood) is shown for PBMC derived from non-shipped vs. shipped blood (n = 9) prior to freezing. C) Viability (% of living cells/total cell count) is shown for non-shipped vs. shipped samples (n = 9), prior to freezing. D) Post-cryopreservation recovery is calculated for thawed samples (non-shipped vs. shipped, n = 9) and is provided as percentage of living cells from 107 total (frozen amount/vial).