The effects of α7-specific ligands and DIDS on Ca<sup>2+</sup> accumulation in mitochondria studied by flow cytometry.

<p><b>A</b> – purified liver mitochondria gated by size (Forward scatter) and granularity (Side scatter) in flow cytometry. <b>B</b> – binding of 0.1 µM acridine orange 10-nonyl bromide (NAO) to the gated mitochondria population; Control – the non-stained mitochondria. <b>C</b> – Ca<sup>2+</sup> accumulation in mitochondria loaded with Fluo 3-AM. <b>D</b> – Ca<sup>2+</sup> accumulated in mitochondria during 2 min after 1 min pretreatment with DIDS, acetylcholine, choline, PNU-282987 or MLA; data are shown as normalized mean fluorescence values of 5 independent experiments for each ligand; * – <i>P<0.05</i> compared to the fluorescence in the absence of α7 nAChR agonists or DIDS.</p>