The effect of replication direction on the gene conversion rate.

<p>A. A schematic representation of the gene conversion assay. The <i>pTET-lys2-GTOP</i> cassette (indicated by the hashed box) is located in “Head-on” orientation relative to <i>ARS306</i>. In the <i>ars306Δ</i> strain, the closest origin of replication is <i>ARS305</i> from which replication proceeds in a co-directional orientation with the transcription from <i>pTET</i>. The distances (in kb) are approximate and not to scale. B. The rates of gene conversion at <i>pTET-lys2-GTOP</i> or –<i>GBTM</i> cassette. Transcription and replication are in the “Head-on” orientation when <i>ARS306</i> (gray bar) is present and in the “Co-directional” orientation in <i>ars306Δ</i> strains (hashed bar). The 95% confidence intervals are indicated by the error bars.</p>