The effect of LPPOs on the biosynthesis of selected macromolecules.

<p>In all panels, <b>DR5026</b> is shown with black circles, <b>DR5047</b> grey circles, and control (no compound added) empty circles. The red symbols depict the effect of a known inhibitor. The amount of the radiolabeled material incorporated at the time of inhibitor addition (shown with arrows) was set as 1. <b>A.</b> The effect on RNA synthesis. Rif, rifampicin. <b>B.</b> The effect on protein synthesis. Cm, chloramphenicol. <b>C</b>. The effect on DNA synthesis. <b>D</b>. The effect on lipid synthesis. Cer, cerulenin. <b>E</b>. The effect on cell wall synthesis. Amp, ampicillin. The experiments were conducted in three biological replicates. Representative experiments are shown. The error was below 10%.</p>