The cytoskeleton disrupting agent latruculin A induces reactivation of FPR1<sub>des</sub>.

<p>Latrunculin A (100 ng/ml) was added to FPR1<sub>des</sub> neutrophils (10<sup>5</sup> cells; desensitized with 0.1 nM fMIFL) in the absence (solid line) or presence (dotted line) of cyclosporin H (1 µM, FPR1 specific antagonist, added 1 min before latrunculin A) and the release of superoxide anions was determined. For comparison, a PAF-induced reactivation of FPR1<sub>des</sub> neutrophils is included (dashed line). A representative experiment is shown, n>5. Abscissa, time of study (min); Ordinate, superoxide production (counts per minute×10<sup>6</sup>; Mcpm).</p>