The TB10.4 CD4 and CD8 T cells epitopes that are recognized by CB6F1 mice (BALB/c×C57BL/6).

<p>(A) the amino acid sequence of the TB10.4 protein with the CD4 and CD8 T cell epitopes underlined. (B) Lung lymphocytes from mice infected at week six after aerosol infection were stimulated in vitro with either the TB10.4 <sub>3–11</sub> (QIMYNYPAM) or the TB10.4 <sub>74–88</sub> (THEANTMAMMARDT) for 6 hours before being assessed for IFN-γ production by flow cytometry. A gating sequence was applied to the data to determine the frequencies of IFN-γ positive CD4 and CD8 T cells. The rationale for the FSC-H vs. FSC-A gating is to capture only singlet particles and eliminate doublets that may occur as a result of e.g. cells sticking together.</p>