The JNK Pathway and Hemocyte Antiplasmodial Effector Genes.

(A and B) Effect of silencing jun, fos, or puc on basal expression of TEP1 (A) and FBN9 (B) in circulating hemocytes. Mean expression level in silenced samples, relative to the dsLacZ-injected control that was adjusted to a value of “1” and is indicated by the red dotted line. The bars represent the SEM of two biological replicates from independent experiments (see Table S4). P-values determined by Student's-T test after log 2 transformation; *, p<0.05, **, p<0.01, ***, p<0.001. (C and D) Effect of co-silencing TEP1 (C) or FBN9 (D) on the phenotype of silencing negative the regulator puc. Green dots represent oocyst counts in individual midguts, and the horizontal red bar indicates median infection intensity. P-values were determined by Mann-Whitney test; ns, not significant. Graphs represent data from three biological replicates with comparable medians in the dsLacZ-injected groups (see Table S1) n = total number of midguts examined.