Temporal CV of net oxygen production (A) and total biovolume (B).

2012-11-16T00:38:02Z (GMT) by Alina A. Corcoran Wiebke J. Boeing

The main plots compare species combinations whereas the insets compare levels of species richness. Bars represent experiment-long means (± SE) calculated for each replicate and sampling day. Note that the temporal CV was calculated for single culture tubes, such that the mean values for richness treatments and species combinations are not influenced by the number of replicates per treatment. Letters above each bar indicate the results of the post-hoc Tukey tests associated with ANOVA. Species combinations are listed with each plot, using the following abbreviations: D – Dunaliella, N – Nannochloris, R – Rhodomonas, Ch – Chaetoceros, Co – Coscinodiscus, M – Melosira and all – all species in the six-species combination.




CC BY 4.0