TcRtv prevents chitinase-mediated degradation of procuticular chitin.

<p>(A) Quantitative analysis of total chitin content of pharate adult insects after dsRNA treatment for <i>TcVer</i>, <i>TcRtv</i>, <i>TcRtv</i>+<i>TcCht-5</i> and <i>TcCht-5</i> was performed using a modified Morgan-Elson assay (n = 5). Chitin depletion resulting from <i>TcRtv</i> RNAi was rescued following double RNAi for both <i>TcRtv</i> and <i>TcCht-5</i>. Data are reported as mean ± SE (n = 5 each). Statistical significance was computed with Student's t-test. Means identified by different letters (a and b) are significantly different at P<0.05. (B) Immunohistochemical analysis of <i>TcVer</i>, <i>TcRtv</i>, <i>TcRtv</i>+<i>TcCht-5</i> and <i>TcCht-5</i> dsRNA-treated insects revealed rescue of the chitin level upon co-knockdown of <i>TcRtv</i> and <i>TcCht5</i> (<i>dsTcRtv+dsTcCht-5</i>). Chitin (red), TcRtv (green), DAPI (blue), C, cuticle; E, epithelial cell. Scale bar = 5 µm.</p>