TMV increase suppressor activity of Treg.

<p>The FLOCA was used to simultaneously measure suppression proliferation of CFSE-labeled autologous CD4<sup>+</sup>CD25<sup>neg</sup> RC and their apoptosis upon co-incubation with CFSE-negative Treg. RC cells stimulated with OKT3, anti-CD28 mAb and IL-2 (150 IU/mL) were co-cultured for 5 d with Treg pre-incubated or not with TMV. At harvest, cells were stained with 7-AAD and examined by flow cytometry. The suppressor assays were performed at the S:RC ratio of 1∶1. Treg pre-incubated with TMV induced higher levels of apoptosis (<b><u>A</u></b>) and greater inhibition of RC proliferation (<b><u>B</u></b>). The data are from one experiment of five performed. When Treg were pretreated with Concanamycin A or GrB inhibitor I and then incubated with TMV, the frequency of 7-AAD<sup>+</sup> RC was lower (<b><u>C</u></b>) as was RC proliferation inhibition (<b><u>D</u></b>). Treg pretreated with FasL Ab and then incubated with TMV induced RC death (<b><u>C</u></b>) and inhibited RC proliferation (<b><u>D</u></b>).</p>




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