TCS networks of ND2 and HSP haplotypes.

ND2 haplotypes in the left column and the HSP haplotypes in the right column, representing haplotypes of specimens from lakes (from the top to the bottom): Vänern, Stora Färgen, Ragnerudsjön and Fleesensee. Area of circle is proportional to the number of individuals sharing the haplotype. Small, uncolored circles represent missing intermediate haplotypes. Circles with following numbers of individuals sharing he haplotype were suggested as central/ancestral haplotypes (from the top to the bottom): 20, 24, 18, 5 for ND2 and 5 (next 24), 43, 12, 15 for HSP. Colors correspond to different morphotypes: coregoni-red; longispina-green, cederstroemi-violet; longicornis-light blue; kessleri-yellow; berolinensis-dark blue; gibbera-pink; and are proportional to the numbers of specimens of the morphotypes sharing one haplotype. Apparent non random- low sharing of haplotypes among/between morphotypes reflects their significant genetic separation in amount expected for young species undergoing speciation.



CC BY 4.0