Surface architecture of <i>C. liquefaciens</i>.

<p>Panel A) Uvitex staining (blue) of <i>C. liquefaciens</i> strain showing chitin distribution at the cell wall. Panel B) Staining of <i>C. liquefaciens</i> cell with mAb 18B7 showing that the antibody raised to <i>C. neoformans</i> GXM cross reacts with <i>C. liquefaciens</i> components. Panel C) Merge of panels A and B. Panel D) Light microscopy of acapsular <i>C. neoformans</i> cap67 cells. Panel E) Exo-PS from <i>C. liquefaciens</i> attaching to an acapsular <i>C. neoformans</i> mutant with the PS labeled with mAb 18B7-FITC. Panel F) Incorporation of <i>C. neoformans</i> (control) exo-PS by acapsular <i>C. neoformans</i> cells with labeling of PS by mAb 18B7-FITC. Panel G) <i>C. liquefaciens</i> labeled with 1 mAb 8B7-FITC Panel H) <i>C. liquefaciens</i> stained with WGA-rhodamine. Panel I). Merge of G and H with <i>C. neoformans</i> labeled with mAb 18B7 (green fluorescence) and WGA (red fluorescence).</p>